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Conflict is inevitable.  When you find yourself faced with a legal conflict, our firm takes the time to listen and explain your options.  Our goal is to hear our clients’ needs and objectives and then to explain and present a plan of action in easy-to-understand terms.  We do everything possible to make our clients feel reassured we are in their corner.  To ensure a legal conflict is resolved in the most efficient, cost effective manner, we provide the following services:

Negotiation/Mediation: We understand that a trial of a legal dispute is not always in our client’s best interests.  We are experienced with and committed to negotiation/mediation with adverse parties to resolve legal disputes without the risk and expense of a trial.   Often legal disputes can be brought to a successful conclusion without the need for the time, expense and emotional turmoil of a trial.

Litigation: We also understand that some legal disputes cannot be resolved without a trial.  We are prepared to aggressively pursue judicial relief in the courts or defend any claims brought against our clients.  Peggy Stevens is an experienced and well-tested trial lawyer.  She has a reputation for creative and effective representation.  She tailors her strategies to both the client’s needs and the changing dynamics of each case.  She strives to be the most well-prepared lawyer in the courtroom.

Appeals: At times, a judge or jury may misinterpret the law and reach a decision adverse to your interests.   A successful appeals lawyer must have a solid understanding of the law, excellent legal research and writing skills and the ability to use written argument to persuade.  Our firm knows the Colorado appeals system and is able to prepare excellent appellate briefs and present compelling legal arguments.

Our firm represents clients in a wide variety of cases, including:

  • Business disputes

  • Real estate disputes 

  • Employment disputes

  • Landlord/Tenant disputes

  • Construction disputes