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Family Law

  • Premarital planning can be an important component in developing a healthy and successful relationship.
  • We commit to helping you navigate the minefield of divorce with expert advice regarding the financial, legal and emotional repercussions of a split.
  • Your children are your priority. We will work with you to reduce conflict and protect your children.
  • When your divorce is not over, we can help.

A family is a place where minds come in contact with one another.  If these minds love one another the home will be as beautiful as a flower garden. But if these minds get out of harmony with one another it is like a storm that plays havoc with the garden.


Few areas of the law involve such difficult legal and emotional issues as family law. We strive to guide our clients through the maze of legal issues with attention to the emotional and psychological stresses of marriage, children, separation, and divorce. With a view toward protecting our clients’ rights to the maximum extent possible under the law, we provide the following services.

Premarital Planning. Increasingly, prospective newlyweds are asking themselves important questions about how income is to be shared in their marriage; how assets are to be owned and shared in their marriage, particularly if those assets were owned before the marriage; what will happen if the marriage does not succeed; and, what will happen if one spouse should die.  With proper consideration and planning, these issues can be addressed in a premarital agreement. A well drafted premarital agreement will answer these important questions in such a way as to avoid both unpleasant surprises and disputes.

We are well qualified to assist you in formulating the important questions you need to ask before your marriage and in assisting you to prepare an agreement which addresses your particular questions and meets your particular needs.

Legal Separation. At times, spouses have marital difficulties yet are not legally or emotionally prepared to end the marriage. We are able to assist you in assessing whether a legal separation or a divorce is better suited to your situation.

Divorce. There is no more difficult life situation than when spouses make the decision to end their marriage. We provide close, personal attention for our clients during this difficult time to guide them through the divorce process.

First and foremost, we educate our clients regarding the legal options and decisions which face them in a divorce case. We discuss:

  1. What will happen with the children?

  2. Will child support be paid for the children?  How will child support be calculated?  How will child support be paid?

  3. Will maintenance be paid?  How will maintenance be calculated?  How long will maintenance be paid?

  4. How will the family assets be divided?

  5. How will the family debts be divided?

  6. What is the process through the court?  How long will it take?  How much will it cost?

Second, we devote ourselves to assuring our clients achieve the best and most fair outcome possible. With more than 20 years’ experience in family law matters, we provide high quality legal services with a watchful eye on our clients’ best interests.

Adoption. There are few life experiences quite so joy-filled as an adoption. Yet, the process through the legal system is somewhat daunting. We are pleased to offer our clients capable and caring legal services throughout the adoption process from start to that joyous day when the adoption is completed.

Allocation of Parental Responsibilities. The allocation of child-rearing responsibilities and the allocation of parenting time between parents are emotion-packed issues for married couples and single parents alike. Truly, there are no life issues which so quickly bring out our emotions and stresses as do issues related to our children. Sadly, our traditionally adversarial judicial system is often poorly equipped to address the best interests of children when their parents are in conflict.

We have extensive experience in guiding our clients through the process of proposing, formulating and implementing, whether by agreement or through the court process, a parenting plan which addresses the best interests of the children. We assist our clients in identifying issues, reducing conflict and assessing the best interests of the children to achieve a positive outcome for the children and parents.

Post Decree Issues. Often, once a divorce case is completed, the questions, the issues and sometimes the tensions do not abate. “Will child support always remain the same?”  “I am not getting my maintenance payments, what can I do?”  “I am not getting to see my son, what can I do?” “My daughter wants to live with me, what can I do to change the current arrangement?”  “I would like to move out of state, can I move with the children?” These are questions we are frequently asked.

We are pleased to provide our clients with competent, experienced legal assistance in resolving the issues which arise after the divorce case is completed.