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Our Firm

  • We want to know you and your needs. You are more than a legal issue.
  • Work is assigned to the most capable team member at the lowest rate to save you money.
  • Peggy Stevens and team are first responders, equipped to help when life’s issues demand skilled legal advice.


Helping You Manage a Complex World

Contemporary life is complicated. A generation or two ago people relied on general practitioners for all their legal needs. Today, no one attorney can have the training and experience to address every legal need. Nonetheless, you need a first line of defense when life’s challenges are too much to manage alone. Our practice is focused on recognizing the legal issues which you may face in your daily life and assisting you to navigate through the legal process, which may include assisting you to find the right “specialist” for you. Our mission is to bring the skill, experience and diligence needed to simplify a complex life.

It is our goal to establish a life-long relationship with our clients and keep close tabs on their legal “health.” We want to know you. We want to educate you. We want to help you keep your legal issues from becoming serious legal problems.

Our areas of practice include:

  • Family Law
  • Estate Planning
  • Estate Administration
  • Small Business Representation
  • Real Estate
  • Litigation
  • Consultation

Whether you are facing a joyous event – a new business, a new marriage, a new home purchase, an adoption – or are facing a stumbling block in your life –a financial crisis, the breakup of a business, the breakup of a marriage, the death of a loved one – you need objectivity and guidance. Because we believe our clients should play an active role in seeking the best solution for their legal issues, we work closely with our clients. We get to know you so we can understand the legal, emotional and psychological components of your legal issues. We can then provide the objectivity and guidance you need to find your own best solution. The goal is to provide you with legal representation, committed to your needs, effectively, efficiently and at a fair price.

Our firm consists of Peggy Stevens, Christa Kilk, our legal assistant, Bridget Beckett, and our administrative assistant, Kari Sledd. We have all worked together for a very long time. We use a team approach in providing legal services to our clients. Work will be assigned to the most capable person at the lowest billing rate to save you money. Each and every member on our team is available to help you. We are all working together to accomplish your goals.

For more information about our services, please contact us.