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Our Fees

Hourly Fees.  Generally we provide services to our clients under an hourly fee arrangement.  Our current hourly rates are as follows:


Peggy E. Stevens - Attorney $240.00
Paralegal $100.00
Clerical $  50.00



IMPORTANT.  Please note we use a team approach in providing legal services to our clients.  Work will be assigned to the most capable person at the lowest billing rate.  We are all working together to accomplish your goals.

Flat Fees.  When we take on a project with a clear scope and end, such as the drafting of a contract, the preparation of a will, or the review of a lease, we often will charge a flat fee for our work.  Please be sure to inquire about a flat fee for your project.

Reduced Fees.  We are strongly committed to making legal services available to all persons, regardless of ability to pay.  To ensure access to justice for all persons, we accept a limited number of clients for whom we provide services based on a sliding scale according to ability to pay.